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The API of the
Intelligent Enterprise
SAP Graph is the easy-to-use API for the data of the Intelligent Enterprise from SAP. It provides an intuitive programming model that you can use to easily build new extensions and applications using SAP data.
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Executive keynote
with Juergen Mueller
SAP CTO Juergen Mueller unveiled SAP Graph at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, stating that it: "...addresses the complexity of having to work with a large number of APIs, when you work with applications across the Intelligent Suite."
Watch the video to hear his announcement. SAP Graph is currently available as a restricted Beta shipment.

Dive deeper into SAP Graph

See how SAP Graph helps users interact efficiently with data across SAP systems using curated APIs and how one of our beta partners built a meaningful application with SAP Graph.
A simple way
to explore your SAP data
The API Explorer in SAP Graph offers you a single point of access to data available from the entire suite of applications that comprise your Intelligent Enterprise. Its goal is to simplify the building of applications for SAP software by providing access to curated and yet powerful APIs.
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Why you should build with SAP Graph
Start building immediately
Our APIs are based on the SAP one domain model. Simple and understandable, created by humans for humans.
Zero SAP knowledge necessary
Our technology is based on open standards. Exactly what you’re used to.
Start right away with mock data
Our examples allow you to bypass installation, configuration, and authentication setup. Get up and running now.
A single API for your SAP data
SAP Graph wraps the APIs of existing products into a single harmonized API layer across the existing source systems. This allows you to easily build applications and extensions for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is SAP Graph?

SAP Graph is the easy-to-use API for the data of the Intelligent Enterprise from SAP. It provides an intuitive programming model that you can use to easily build new extensions and applications using SAP data.

What is the Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent Enterprises use the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business – in real time. As a result, they accelerate data-driven disruption and process automation, launch new business models, deliver exceptional experiences, and more. An Intelligent Enterprise connects experiences and operations using experience management (XM) solutions, a business technology platform, and a suite of applications. For more information, see the Intelligent Enterprise page.

Can I use SAP Graph now?

SAP Graph is currently available as a private beta shipment. The registration for the beta phase is currently closed, but sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned for more exciting news from SAP Graph!

How can I get regular updates on SAP Graph?

Sign up to the SAP Graph Community Newsletter to get regular updates.

How is SAP Graph different from SAP API Business Hub?

SAP API Business Hub ( is the central catalog of APIs from SAP and selected partners for application developers to search, discover, test and consume these APIs to build extensions or integrations using the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Graph on the other hand is providing curated and unified APIs that expose core data and functionality for the Intelligent Enterprise. It is meant to enable partners, the ecosystem, SAP developers and customers to create applications (apps on the edge) along SAP's core Intelligent Enterprise processes.

Is there a relation between SAP Graph and SAP HANA Graph?

The two products fulfill different purposes. SAP HANA Graph is an integral part of SAP HANA core functionality. It expands the SAP HANA platform with native support for graph processing and allows you to execute typical graph operations on the data stored in an SAP HANA system.

SAP Graph is a new product used for accessing data from the SAP Intelligent Enterprise systems through an easy-to-use API. The "Graph" name refers to the connections between data objects that allow easy access to associated data.